Running Into a Door Over and Over Again

Have you seen the new Ant-Man movie? If you have, do you remember the scene where Ant-Man is trying to learn to jump through the keyhole and he keeps running into the door…

I imagine that I know how the fictional Ant-Man feels as he continues to run face first into that door because that’s how my running has been feeling! I get my mileage up, things are going great, I’m feeling good and then BOOM! Everything just unravels! I hit the door (if we want to continue the analogy). My legs feel dead, my endurance is in the dumps and my breathing is horrendous. My mileage starts dropping like a rock until inevitably, I take a break.


On a positive note, I always seem to be able to bounce back! I just never know when I will hit that down and how long it will take to get back up. I’ve talked to both my doctor and my physical therapist (my endurance levels got bad enough that I went to my doctor worried that something was wrong with me), but they had no advice for me. Others have thrown around words like “over training”. Whatever it is, I’m hopeful that I will learn the indicators that a downward trend is coming, so I can head it off before it begins.


2015 has felt like a long downward trend. That’s mostly why I stopped blogging almost a year ago. Every time it felt like things were turning around, I found myself in a slump again.

But I didn’t write this to sound like downer! The last few weeks my runs have been awesome and I’ve experienced runner’s high several times! I really think things are finally turning around! I absolutely love running and I’ve missed blogging. Maybe, just maybe, I’m about to make it through that keyhole! And yes, I know! I totally overdid the Ant-Man references, but it really is a good movie! If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should!



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