Weekly Update – August 23 and 30thy

I didn’t write an update last week because there wasn’t really anything to write about. Recovery weeks are so boring! I know they are necessary, but I find them frustrating. I like to see progress and taking a step back every few weeks feels like I’m wasting time. My total mileage for the week ending August 23rd was 10.25.

  • Monday: 3.2 miles
  • Wednesday: 3 miles
  • Saturday: 4.05 miles


This week ended up being completely unpredictable. I cracked a molar on the 19th and the dentist couldn’t take a look at it until the 24th and then he didn’t have time to work on it till the 26th (getting a crown sucks by the way!). It hurt too much to chew, so I started drinking almost all my meals. Basically smoothies and meal replacement shakes. I knew I wasn’t taking in enough calories, but at that point I really didn’t care. The one positive is that I ended up losing 3 pounds. My total mileage for the week came out to 16.75… ouch.

  • Tuesday: 4 miles
  • Thursday: 7 miles
  • Saturday: 5.75


I completely crashed on Saturday’s run. I woke up early to get my run in before the heat, but even at 7am, it was already hot outside. I still wasn’t hardly eating, so I felt weak and draggy. Around mile three or four, I was running across a foot bridge when my toe caught a bolt and I went down hard and awkward. I got back up to finish my nine mile run, but I just didn’t have it in me. I was drained! My hand started swelling up and I became slightly concerned that I may have fractured something. About two miles later, I called for a pickup.



The swelling in my hand has gone down, leaving it a lovely shade of blue. I’m pretty sure nothing is broken, just deeply bruised… a little like my pride. I’m forcing myself to take in calories and ice my bumps and bruises. I’ll be back at it on Monday!

I hope everyone’s training week went better than mine did!


Weekly Update – August 16th

It’s been a hot week in Santa Barbara! Which means high 80’s and low 90’s. For us locals, that’s brutal! I’m sure people from other areas are reading this and thinking “Wimps!”.

I managed to keep my mileage increasing, but it was a little on the slow side thanks to the heat.


So the grand total for the week came out to 21 miles. Low but getting back up there! Feeling a lot more confident with my half marathon coming up next month!

  • Tuesday: 4 miles
  • Thursday: 7 miles
  • Saturday: 10 miles

I ate the asphalt on my Thursday run. Ended up more embarrassed than hurt. Knee is acting a little twingy, but I ran on it fine Saturday. This week coming up is recovery, so I’ll be able to give it a little rest.


May have also solved a migraine mystery this week… still have more testing to verify it. After some of my harder runs, my migraines have gotten pretty intense with some crazy painful pounding. After a conversation with my Dad, it dawned on me that it might be related to a recovery drink I added after hard workouts a couple months ago. I didn’t take the recovery drink this week and had zero problems! I feel like an idiot for not making that connection sooner.

Fortunately, I’ve loved this weather for the bike! I managed to get myself out the door to ride to work three times this week.

I hope everyone had a great week of running!

Running Into a Door Over and Over Again

Have you seen the new Ant-Man movie? If you have, do you remember the scene where Ant-Man is trying to learn to jump through the keyhole and he keeps running into the door…

I imagine that I know how the fictional Ant-Man feels as he continues to run face first into that door because that’s how my running has been feeling! I get my mileage up, things are going great, I’m feeling good and then BOOM! Everything just unravels! I hit the door (if we want to continue the analogy). My legs feel dead, my endurance is in the dumps and my breathing is horrendous. My mileage starts dropping like a rock until inevitably, I take a break.


On a positive note, I always seem to be able to bounce back! I just never know when I will hit that down and how long it will take to get back up. I’ve talked to both my doctor and my physical therapist (my endurance levels got bad enough that I went to my doctor worried that something was wrong with me), but they had no advice for me. Others have thrown around words like “over training”. Whatever it is, I’m hopeful that I will learn the indicators that a downward trend is coming, so I can head it off before it begins.


2015 has felt like a long downward trend. That’s mostly why I stopped blogging almost a year ago. Every time it felt like things were turning around, I found myself in a slump again.

But I didn’t write this to sound like downer! The last few weeks my runs have been awesome and I’ve experienced runner’s high several times! I really think things are finally turning around! I absolutely love running and I’ve missed blogging. Maybe, just maybe, I’m about to make it through that keyhole! And yes, I know! I totally overdid the Ant-Man references, but it really is a good movie! If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should!


DIY Bib Coasters

Shortly after my marathon I saw an advertisement for a site that would turn your bib into coasters. I thought it was a fun idea, but at the same time I thought “hey I could do that!” So I decided to take on the challenge of doing it myself. Ends up, it’s really rather easy!

What you will need:

  1. A copy of your bib, preferably about 8×8
  2. Four tiles, recommended 4×4 and with a slightly rough texture
  3. Mod Podge
  4. Rubber feet or felt pads
  5. Sponge brush

You will need a copy of your bib. I would not recommend using your real bib. You can scan it or photo copy it. If the bib you want to use is bigger than 8×8, try resizing it. It can be slightly bigger, but not much bigger (you can have it go over the sides of the tile). I made two sets of coasters, one was exactly 8×8 and the other was just a touch bigger. I personally liked the look of the edges going over the sides a little.

I found that the best size for the tiles is 4×4. You will want a slight texture to it, so that everything adheres better. You can find these at the local hardware store. Next you will want some mod podge. I don’t know a lot about mod podge, so I just grabbed one that said “glossy” at my local craft store and it worked great.

You will want something for the bottom of your coasters to protect the surface you put it on. I picked up little rubber feet at the hardware store, but felt pads will also work. And lastly, you will need a sponge brush. I unfortunately used a regular brush (I thought I had a sponge brush but couldn’t find it) and I was picking bristles out of my mod podge the whole time I was working with it.

Once you have all that, you are ready to get started.

First cut the copy of your bib into 4ths (4×4 squares). I used a cutting board to keep it exact, but if you don’t have one, use a ruler to make sure of your measurements.

Next, brush a layer of mod podge onto the top of your tile and place your first bib square on top. Use your brush to smooth it out and work out all the bubbles. Once you have the bib where you want it on the tile and smoothed out, brush a layer of mod podge on top, making sure to get the edges fully covered and flat. Set the tile aside to dry and do the same with the other three.

Once the tiles are dry, I recommend brushing on another layer of mod podge. I let it sit for about an hour before adding a second layer. Some of you may want to even add a third. Although I did not do it, it is recommended that you sand lightly between coats with a fine grain sandpaper (I was worried about damaging the paper, so I didn’t). Once everything is dry, put your rubber feet or felt pads on the bottom and voila, you are done!


I created these bib coasters three years ago and they are still working great! They have survived my housemates and my two year old nephew playing/dropping them many many times!

Welcome to my new site!

IMG_1396I did it! I finally made a new site! I’ve been playing with the idea of doing this for a couple years now but never seemed to get around to it. When I spend all day at work making websites for others, it’s hard to come home and work on my own! Well, the procrastination has come to an end! The all new Run Geek Girl Run site is here! Welcome!

You can find my old site here: http://rungeekgirlrun.blogspot.com/

Take my word for it, this one is much better!